Apart from its being eco-friendly, bamboo is rapidly becoming a trendy alternative for traditional wood Because of its beauty, strength and versatility it simply cannot fail to create the “WOW” factor, attracting approval and compliments even from the uninitiated. A smart choice and a step in the right direction in working together to do your bit for the planet!
Traditionally Carpenters use wood and have done so for thousands of years,
however the high demand for timber has had a major impact on our environment,
so its time for change. Having researched the possible use of a more Eco friendly
product bamboo is definitely the best possible option, it being:-

  • Eco-friendly
  • Tough
  • Durable
  • Stable
  • Moisture tolerant

Interesting Facts about Bamboo
Is the fastest growing woody plant on the planet
Is a renewable and sustainable resource
can be selectively harvested annually
takes 4-6 years to reach maturity (whereas traditional hardwoods take up to 60 years)
has a tensile strength higher than that of cold pressed steel
flooring is 45% harder than Jarah
Consists of 1500 species which have been identified globally